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So the Eleventh Doctor lies, and maybe you cannot take everything he says at face value. But it turns out that we never needed that assurance in the first place: after all, viewers have been entranced by Doctor Who for decades now, and not because we are impressed by the Doctor’s unwavering principles. We love him for his ability to reevaluate, to evolve. To become more or less honest as experience has taught him — just like one of us.

[SPOILERS FOR THE GOD COMPLEX. You should skip this if you haven’t seen it already.]

Instead, The Doctor takes charge, throws Amy’s faith to the wolves (as if it’s his to take or give away), and then brings Amy and Rory home, giving them a new car as if by staying alive this long, they’ve just won a game show.

Doctor Who S6, Ep 11: “The God Complex” | Tor.com

My entire problem with this episode. I liked that the Doctor didn’t just let things get to the point where something horrible happens with Amy/Rory, but that entire ending sequence was just…WHAT. Also, I hate how the Doctor never says goodbye to the boy companions (Jack, Rory, maybe Mickey?). A car doesn’t make up for not saying goodbye, Doc!


Giveaway Time!! - Doctor Who

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walk/doctor walk #3 (by j_pidgeon)